Terms of Use

Terms of Use (Disclaimer) for Product Buddy

  1. The "Product Buddy" is offered by the Vidatics GmbH ("Vidatics"), Blarerstr. 56, 78462 Konstanz, Germany. These terms of use apply for the use of the Product Buddy application and regulate the service to be provided by Vidatics and the rights and duties of users of this offer ("users").
  2. The Product Buddy is a free tool (Browser Extension/Plug-In/Add-on) and can be found in the Chrome Web Store (Chrome Browser) under Chrome Extensions or as Mozilla Add-on (Firefox Browser) under Firefox Add-ons.
  3. The user can trigger an automated analysis of the text content from product reviews with it, for a product currently opened in the browser, for non-commercial use.
  4. In order to be able to perform an analysis, the online shop, visited by the Product Buddy user, has to be supported by the Product Buddy.
  5. The product reviews or a sample of the product reviews of a certain product, if there are any at all, are downloaded by the user when activating the Product Buddy (Click on the Product Buddy icon in the toolbar of the browser) and sent to the servers of the Vidatics GmbH, which perform the analysis ("analysis service"). The result is sent back to the user, where it is displayed in the Product Buddy window.
  6. The analysis service may only be used by the user via the Product Buddy and only for non-commercial analyses of product reviews. The user is only allowed to use the Product Buddy in a private context and may use the provided contents only for personal and non-commercial purposes. Any kind of public presentation is prohibited. Vidatics reserves also the right to take legal action.
  7. In addition, Vidatics reserves the right to exclude users from the use of the Product Buddy immediately, in case of violations against the regulations listed under clause 6.
  8. The Product Buddy displays a list containing limited number of aspects (words or phrases) with their associated sentiment, the sentiment words and example sentences, which are extracted and computed from product reviews by means of statistical, computational linguistic and further technical methods and procedures.
  9. It is up to the user, how she/he interprets the list of aspects, the sentiment, the sentiment words, or the corresponding example phrases, and how she/he draws conclusions from it and how the resulting insights are taken into account within the purchasing process. In any case, the user has to verify any insights gained through the use of the Product Buddy in the source data (the fulltexts of the product reviews of the product) and she/he has to check any graphical representations for plausibility.
  10. The functionalities of the Product Buddy, especially the detail functions, support the user when investigating, interpreting, and assessing the texts of product reviews. Under no circumstances, the Product Buddy can substitute the self-reliant and complete reading of product reviews, especially as the Vidatics GmbH anytime reserves the right to perform the analysis, for technical or other reasons, based only on an incomplete sample of product reviews for a product or change the analysis or result representation.
  11. The Product Buddy is based on technology for the fully automated semantic analysis of text data. The correctness of analysis results cannot be guaranteed or granted. Vidatics therefore does not make any grants or guarantees on the correctness and relevance of entries in the aspect list, the aspect list as a whole or other presented contents, that rely on the analysis of product reviews.
  12. In addition, Vidatics does not make any grants or guarantees that the Product Buddy corresponds to the needs and expectations of users, works free of interruptions or without errors. In particular, the analysis service may temporarily not be available due to maintainance or servicing. The Vidatics GmbH reserves the right to stop the general maintainance of the browser extension and also the general operation of the free Product Buddy anytime and without preannouncement.
  13. Vidatics does not accept any liability for any direct or indirect damage resulting from an improper use of the Product Buddy, a use that does not comply with these terms of use, an unauthorized use of the analysis services, and from incorrect or wrong conclusions, assumptions, and interpretations of the analysis or the analysis results by the user.
  14. The liability of Vidatics for damages, that are caused due to slight negligence, is limited to essential contractual obligation, i.e. such obligation, whose fulfilment is a prerequisite for enabling the proper fulfilment of the contract in the first place, whose breach would put the contract goal at risk and the due performance of which the user may regularly and reasonably rely upon.
  15. Vidatics is liable for damages in case of culpable breach to life, body, or health and in cases of wilful intent or gross negligence according to legal provisions.
  16. Vidatics is committed to comply with the relevant legal provisions regarding data protection. Further information can be found in our Privacy Policy.
  17. Any amendment to these terms of use will be communicated to the user in a suitable manner.
  18. German law applies. The possible ineffectiveness of individual provisions, of these terms, of use does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions and the contract as a whole. The ineffective or void provisions shall be replaced by relative provisions corresponding to or coming as close as possible to the economic purpose of the ineffective or void provisions. In analogy, this holds for possible regulation loopholes.

Status of: 8.11.2016