Questions about the installation

On which devices/operating system does the Product Buddy run?

The Product Buddy runs on all common operating systems (except for Android, but we are working on it).

Which browsers support the product buddy?

Currently, the Product Buddy is supported by the Google Chrome Browser (under Windows/Linux/Mac) and the Mozilla Firefox. If you want to keep yourself up-to-date, follow us on Twitter. We will let you know any news.

The Product Buddy Icon disappeared from my toolbar! What shall I do?

Don't worry! Even if the Icon is not visible anymore in the toolbar at the upper right, you can restart your Product Buddy easily:

For the Chrome Browser: paste or write into your browser address line

and check the box of your Product Buddy entry. It should become active immediately and the icon should become visible at the upper right, in the toolbar.

For the Mozilla Firefox enter

into the address line and click on the button "activate" of your Product Buddy entry. It should become active immediately and the icon should become visible at the upper right, in the toolbar.

My Product Buddy suddenly runs slowly and does not display product analyses completely (especially after an automated update)?

This may happen if you have analyzed a very high number of products. In this case, you have to take care of your history. You can enter the "Your History" section of the Product Buddy and either press the button "Clear history" at the bottom of you product list, or delete single products by clicking the red "X" to the left of the product entry.

Where do I get the latest version?

Usually, the Product Buddy is updated automatically. In case of problems, follow the same procedure as under "The Product Buddy Icon disappeared from my toolbar! What shall I do?", with the only difference, that you do not check a box (Chrome) or press a button (Firefox), but click on "Update", if a new version is available.

Questions about the use

How do I analyze a product with the Product Buddy?

When opening a product page in one of the supported online shops, the Product Buddy becomes active. This is indicated by a small "ON" sign, which appears on top of the Product Buddy Icon (only in Google Chrome, not in Firefox). By clicking this icon in the toolbar, the opened product will be loaded into the Product Buddy. Our suggestion:

  1. Visit a shop that is supported be the Product Buddy
  2. Search for a product with reviews and go to the product page
  3. Start the analysis by clicking on the Product Buddy icon in the toolbar
  4. Make use of the short moment the analysis takes and read the product description
  5. Click on the aspects in the Product Buddy to learn more
  6. Take a better and more informed purchasing decision :-)

What does the red, green, or gray coloring of the aspects tell me?

An aspect colored in red, is mentioned within negative contexts by a majority of reviewers. Whereas an aspect colored in green, is mentioned within positive contexts by a majority of reviewers. This is not a clear fact, though, but the result of a fully automated algorithmic evaluation. In some cases, this evaluation may be wrong and therefore it has to be verified. Aspects colored in gray, indicate that the algorithm was not able to come to a clear decision, whether a majority had mentioned such an aspect negatively or positively. Still, the gray colored aspects we show somehow stick out in the reviews and often may be relevant to you, that's why we opt to show such aspects with undecidable sentiment as well.

Which shops does the Product Buddy support and why doesn't it work for my favorite shop?

Currently, we support amazon.de, amazon.com, and amazon.co.uk. If you would like the Product Buddy to work for your favorite shop as well, we will try consider it in the future. Just tell us about the shop, e.g. via the feedback form within the Product Buddy :-)

Why don't you always analyze all of the reviews and why does it take some seconds until the result will be displayed?

It's because we analyze the text on request, in the very same moment that you start the Product Buddy :-) In order to speed up the analysis and thus avoid waiting times, in some cases we draw a representative sample of all reviews for analysis, when the product has lots of reviews. The size of the sample is displayed in the Product Buddy.

Why does the Product Buddy in rare cases show results that are obviously wrong?

The Product Buddy applies cutting edge technology for the automated semantic analysis of text data. The algorithms analyze reviews for all different kinds of products and are able to cope well with very different kinds of expressions and phrases. Still, some phrases may have quite different semantics and lead to different interpretations in the contexts of different products. Some phenomena, like irony, may be hard to identify even for human readers. For such reasons, a completely correct analysis is not always possible. However, the underlying technology is being improved continuously by Vidatics, in order to further enhance the analysis quality.

How do I interpret the star distribution, which appears in the detail view of a single aspect?

This is the star distribution of only those product reviews, which mention the corresponding aspect. This star distribution may indicate which influence the currently displayed aspect has on the overall rating of reviewers. Yet, such hypotheses may not hold in all cases. The reason is that reviewers may have taken many different aspects and influence factors into account, when deciding on their overall rating.

Other questions about the product buddy

How can you offer the Product Buddy for free?

This is only possible through a smart technical conception and by limiting the permission to private non-commercial use only. If you work at a company, for which our advanced text analytics technology could be relevant, please, don't hesitate to send us an email or contact us through via the contact form!

Do you put advertisements into the Product Buddy or do you prefer certain products?

No and No, because transparency, independence, and objectivity mean a lot to us. Our aim is to keep the Product Buddy free of advertisements. We can't tell today, if this will be possible on the long run, at least within a free version. If it might become the case, sometime in the future, we will do everything to maintain transparency and explicitly label advertisements as such within the Product Buddy. In any case, we do not and will not prefer any product, neither within the analysis process nor with respect to the representation displayed in the Product Buddy.

Where does the price information for products stem from?

We take those data from third party providers. The corresponding data source is declared. We cannot provide any guarantees with respect to the reliability of those data.

Am I allowed to use the Product Buddy in a commercial context?

If you pursue commercial interests or want to use the Product Buddy in a commercial setting, you have contact us under info@vidatics.de, as this free-of-charge version of our Product Buddy is only for private non-commercial use. We are looking forward to your message.

For which languages does the Product Buddy work?

This non-commercial version currently supports German and English only.

Questions about the company

Who is behind the Product Buddy?

The Product Buddy is a tool from the Vidatics GmbH, which offers innovative text analysis algorithms for companies. It has been a longstanding desire of us to simplify and speed up the reading of product reviews, because we also spend a lot of time on it. In order to make end users profit from our technology, we decided to provide the free Product Buddy for private persons.

Will my data be treated confidentially?

Yes, this is very important to us! We are a German company and adhere to the strict German data protection legislation. In addition, we have an external data protection officer and our servers run exclusively in German computing centers. For further information regarding data protection we would like to refer you to our Privacy Policy.

May I contact you?

Yes, of course, we are looking forward to it. You can contact us either via the feedback form within the Product Buddy or you can send your questions, criticism, or suggestions to info@product-buddy.com.