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The Product Buddy is available for the following browsers
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

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Read product reviews the smart way!

Summarize Reviews

Are you tired of reading hundreds of product reviews, before your purchase?
Our app summarizes the major insights relevant for your purchase decision!

Compare Products

How to compare large amount of reviews for different products?
Our app can be used on many shops, to compare reviews of different products!

Reveal Pros & Cons

What are the real issues of a product you are interested in buying?
Our app reveals the product features many people are talking about!

Save Time

Do you spend too much time reading reviews to identify the main issues?
Our app saves you time because it automatically analyzes all reviews!

How does it work?

As soon as you visit a product page on a supported web shop, you can click on the Product Buddy button in the browser's toolbar. Afterwards we analyze the available reviews for the product and provide you with a summary grouped by the extracted key topics people are talking about.

(1) Visit Webshop

After installing the Product Buddy from the Google Chrome Web Store, visit one of the supported shops.

(2) Visit Product Websites

Visit a product page (Example) in one of the supported webshops. The app icon shows whether the currently opened product page is supported.

(3) Click Product Buddy

Visit a product page (Example) on one of the supported web shops. The app's icon indicates if the current shop is supported.

(4) Read Review Summaries

Select a specific topic and/or a specific star rating to get more details.

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Over the past few years, consumers have increased the number of reviews they read and the overall time they spend reading them.

eMarketer about the Role of Customer Product Reviews